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Just a quick nod to what I’ve found to be a really, really fantastic manual coffee grinder. If you search Amazon for “manual coffee grinder” you’ll see dozens and dozens of very similar-looking products. I’ve tried a few of them and they are literally the same grinder. A little deeper dig and you’ll find that most of them are sourced from the same place.
The Shanik Portable Burr Coffee Grinder stands out among a field of ho-hum grinders. Adjustable grind, built-in measuring cup, easy to disassemble, silicone grip, all stainless steel construction, a handy silicone lid to keep your coffee in (either a fresh grind or whole beans waiting to be ground), and a carry bag. All these features set the Shanik grinder apart from a field of look-alikes.
If you’re going to get one piece of coffee equipment to make better coffee, you won’t get a bigger bang for your buck. It’s time to give your old blade grinder away and up your coffee game with this nifty little device!
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