The Best Way To Make A Great Cup Of Coffee That Isn’t Too Snobbish!

You’ll not get much coffee snobbery here. However, if you seem to get similar flavors from your drip coffee maker regardless of the beans and if you are looking for a reasonably easy way to make a great cup of coffee, then you really need to give the French press a whirl. I’ve tried quite a few different French presses over the years and the best one for the money that I’ve come across is the Coffee Gator Insulated French Press (see Recommended Products).

The Coffee Gator French Press has a couple of nice features going for it: it’s insulated which makes it less twitchy when it comes to water temperature. You can let the coffee steep for a decent amount of time without the temp dropping off on you. Also, the Coffee Gator press has double filter screens which keeps the finished brew more sediment-free. I typically prefer drinking my coffee as opposed to eating it.

The Coffee Gator Insulated French Press is well-built and looks pretty cool too. Solidly built from stainless steel, it comes in 5 or 6 different colors. If you want to step up your coffee game and see how to make a great cup of coffee, definitely take a look at this French press. Check it out in the Recommended Products!

Also, take a look at the Coffee Gator website. It’s full of great coffee content! With dozens of articles and videos. A “5 minute Master Class” feature that teaches how to make great coffee in several different ways. The Coffee Gator website is a must-browse for any coffee lover.

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